Aid Flows in for Student Pilot Injured in Lake Worth Military Plane Crash – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth



A fiery plane crash knocked out a neighborhood in Lake Worth last month.

Colleen Valenti, representative for Huge de Hercs, a non-profit organization supporting the military aviation community, said she knew it was bad just because of the sound.

“When it happened that day, I heard all the sirens,” Valenti said. “I don’t live very close to the crash site, but I heard the sirens.”

An unidentified naval student pilot was badly burned after his parachute became entangled in power lines.

He and his instructor ejected from the plane before it crashed.

Organizations in North Texas helped the student pilot on the road to recovery.

“I know, as a pilot’s wife, they don’t want to do anything more than get on a plane and fly,” said Anne Pottinger, representative of the Fort Worth Airpower Council.

Pottinger said the Fort Worth Airpower Council helped raise more than $ 1,000.

Local restaurants and council and Hugs from Hercs volunteers delivered hot meals to Parkland Hospital in Dallas, where the pilot was recovering in the burns unit.

“When everyone works together and supports families, especially military families, which is our reason for being, it is healing for everyone,” said Valenti.

Hugs from Hercs sends care packages to military families and helps them when needed and during vacations.

The student pilot has been transferred to the San Antonio area to continue his recovery, but volunteer groups plan to continue to assist him in any way they can.

“I imagine his future career will be phenomenal because he has to be re-energized now by knowing what he almost lost and what he can win back,” Pottinger said.

The training pilot, who ejected from the T-45C Goshawk training jet, has already been released from the hospital.

The cause of the accident is still under investigation.


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