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Student members of Ames City Council have expressed their thoughts on the outcome of the vote to repeal the city’s mask ordinance.

After the decision at the Ames city council meeting to wait until Tuesday for the decision to repeal the face covering ordinance, the students who are also members of the council expressed their hopes and thoughts. on the upcoming event.

Iowa State Student Representative Trevor Poundstone said he supported the council’s decision to wait to discuss the repeal of the order because the information had already been presented to the public according to which was going to be discussed on Tuesday. He believed that complicating this by creating another meeting earlier to speed up the process would only create difficulties for attendance due to earlier schedules and commitments, hampering the amount of input from the audience.

Iowa state students have a voice on Ames City Council, and Poundstone wanted to encourage and remind students to share their views at the next meeting because the decision will affect them.

“It’s not just my opinion that worries me; I am worried about the opinions of the students, ”said Poundstone. “I imagine that some are upset [about the council’s decision to wait] because they wanted the ordinance to end last night, but from the outreach we did, I know some students and community members will be happy it didn’t end last night.

Students and faculty have been living the university through the prism of the pandemic era for over a year now, and many are eager to have a traditional encounter with the state of Iowa if the ordinance on them masks is repealed. Rachel Junck, an Iowa state graduate student and representative for Ward 4, said she expects students and the Ames community to have a fairly positive response to the upcoming vote due to the weather. everyone waited for normalcy.

“We all went through tough times during the pandemic last year, and it’s exciting to return to a point where we can safely reunite without masks,” Junck said. “I encourage anyone who can get vaccinated to continue to protect our community, because the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] recommends that unvaccinated people continue to wear their face coverings. “

Public input is expected and supported by all board members, and student members greatly appreciate student input on Ames City Council issues. Poundstone can be reached at [email protected].


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