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Trump’s subpoena and the aftermath of the January 6 panel

WASHINGTON (AP) — In an extraordinary step, the House committee on Jan. 6 voted unanimously to subpoena former President Donald Trump — a last-ditch effort to get the full story of the insurgency from the Capitol. as the panel completes its work by the end of the year. Trump has been implacably hostile to the investigation, calling it a “charade and witch hunt” in a letter to the committee on Friday. But he did not say whether he would comply with the request to appear. Even if he does, there’s no guarantee the committee will get anything different from the broadsides Trump sends periodically.

Kemp vs. Abrams II: Republican now has the incumbent advantage

ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia’s gubernatorial race is a rematch of 2018, when Republican Brian Kemp narrowly beat Democrat Stacey Abrams. But circumstances have changed. This time around, it’s Kemp who holds a lot of the upside as he seeks re-election. Abrams is trying to rekindle the star power that once made her the buzz of president. Kemp became the target of Donald Trump’s ire when the defeated president threatened retaliation after Kemp certified Democrat Joe Biden’s list of presidential voters in Georgia. But not only has Kemp maintained the support of most Republican voters while challenging Trump, he appears to have only grown stronger ahead of his rematch with Abrams.

Putin calls his actions in Ukraine ‘correct and timely’

KYIV, UKRAINE (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin expects the mobilization of his troops for the fight in Ukraine to end in about two weeks. This would allow him to end the unpopular and chaotic call to counter Ukrainian battlefield gains and consolidate his illegal annexation of Ukrainian territory. Putin faces domestic discontent and military setbacks in a neighboring country increasingly equipped with advanced Western weaponry. He told reporters on Friday that he “did not intend to destroy Ukraine” and does not regret starting the conflict. Russia’s difficulties in achieving its war aims become apparent in the illegally annexed region of Kherson. Authorities urged residents to flee on Friday.

EXPLANATORY: What to expect from the Chinese Party Congress

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