Best quotes from Vancouver city council and mayor: 2021


Michael Wiebe: “It’s been an emotional roller coaster for sure, and the support has been pretty amazing”

Your mayor and 10 city councilors had a lot to say this year.

In fact, they say a lot every year.

But I had to get into this preamble somehow, and that opening sentence is what I found.

I’m tired, you’re tired, we’re all tired.

So without further ado, I bring you some memorable quotes from 2021 from each of your 11 chosen ones.

Here is…


“It’s been an emotional roller coaster for sure, and the support has been pretty amazing. I had a few counselors who called me crying this morning. – Com. Michael wiebe the day he learned that BC Supreme Court Justice John Steeves had dismissed the lawsuit brought by 15 citizens who alleged Wiebe was in conflict of interest because of his vote in May 2020 on a temporary terrace program.

“The reality is that not much is going to change for me. As a caucus, sometimes we voted together, sometimes we didn’t. I expect this to continue. – Com. Melissa De Genova suddenly being the only representative of the NPA on the board after the four colleagues with whom she was elected have all left the party.

“This budget is a broken promise to Vancouver taxpayers, residents, tenants, landlords, families, small businesses and youth in our city – a council pledge made on the motion brought forward by the mayor that council will not exceed a five percent property tax increase. The Council has promised one thing and done the opposite. – Com. Lisa dominato on the majority of the council approving a property tax increase of 6.35 percent.

Com. Pete Fry. Dan Toulgoet archive photo

Property of the Little Mountain

“It is oddly perverse that in our city, in a context of woefully unaffordable housing, this particular piece of land lies fallow for more than a decade during an interest-free vacation at taxpayer expense. Obviously, it was a good deal for Holborn, but I hesitate to single them out – after all, these were the horrific days of the Wild West campaign contributions to provincial and local governments of the day. – Com. Pete fry on the publication of the contract between the Government of British Columbia and Holborn Properties Ltd. for the redevelopment of the Little Mountain social housing site in Vancouver.

“Here is the agreement, we are 115 square kilometers between Boundary Road and University Endowment Lands, or 115 kilometers against 510.1 million square kilometers worldwide. So we really have to be careful about what we’re doing to make things happen and have an impact on the planet, and what we can do in the coming months. “- Com. Colleen Hardwick on council approval of an ambitious $ 500 million climate plan to reduce natural gas heating in existing buildings, discourage vehicle use and find less polluted means to produce and transport construction materials.

Com. Rebecca Bligh. Rob Kruyt / BIV News

Climate change

“This is where the great cities of the world go, and it’s because we have to work together as cities. You can’t just look at Vancouver and say, well, this is our people and this is our impact on [greenhouse gas] emissions, and therefore we should not do anything because we are too small. – Com. Rebecca Bligh the city’s climate plan and its dismissive critics who say Vancouver can’t have an impact on global pollution.

“Because I’m married to a police officer, I think I’m probably one of the most knowledgeable advisers in terms of what’s going on day to day and the types of calls members face. I have the benefit of not only having this perspective in terms of knowing what calls the agents are dealing with each day, but I also have the advisor’s perspective of hearing the residents. So like any resident of Vancouver, I have a similar interest in ensuring that we have an appropriate level of public safety in the city. – Com. Sarah Kirby Yung on his support for the Vancouver Police Department’s budget request to council.

“I understand that I was not arrested – that’s good. I don’t think it would have been fair to stop me because we were distributing safe drugs – not dangerous drugs – and that was a protest. – Com. Jean Swanson Vancouver police failed to arrest her in July for distributing heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine obtained from the ‘dark web’ to drug addicts in protest to push governments to increase the “safe supply” of drugs

OneCity Council. Christine Boyle. Dan Toulgoet archive photo

Rental housing in Shaughnessy

“This particular neighborhood has been off-limits to most Vancouverites at most income levels for a very long time. In a city as diverse as ours, I don’t think we should have neighborhoods where tenants can’t find housing. – Com. Christine boyle on his support for a 24-unit rental housing project in Shaughnessy after a majority of his colleagues rejected the developer’s initial proposal in 2019, largely because of concerns identified by a nearby hospice.

“You don’t go into this thinking it’s going to be an easy life, you go there to do service. And I have to say, despite the hours – which can be very exhausting and my body takes a beating sitting in these chairs – that I still love him. I still love the job, and it still feels meaningful and important to me. – Com. Adriane carr, who was first elected in 2011, on the board’s record number of hours since being elected in 2018.

“There seems to be this sort of thing that I’m against the police or something like that, which isn’t true. I know my opponents often try to stir up this conflict, but the conflict is not there. – Mayor Kennedy Stewart, who is also chairman of the Vancouver Police Board.

Gil Kelley, the city’s former chief town planner. Dan Toulgoet archive photo

Goodbye, goodbye Gil

Here is a bonus quote from Gil kelley, the city’s chief town planner until in March he reached a “mutual and sympathetic” agreement with the city council to quit his job:

“I don’t want to speculate on the current position of the council. Maybe there is a slight change in their focus, tone, or anxieties, but I can’t speculate on what that is. I just know it’s been a good working relationship so far – with the majority of the board anyway. “

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