Bishop of Aleppo: sanctions are a “death sentence” for the Syrian people

Bishop Georges Abou Khazen

Source: Fides

“To perpetuate the sanctions against Syria is to condemn many people to death.”

Bishop Georges Abou Khazen, Apostolic Vicar of Aleppo for Latin Rite Catholics, chose clear and unequivocal words to describe the effects of the sanctions imposed by Western countries against the regime of Bashar al Assad on the daily lives of millions of people. Syrians.

Recently, the United States and the EU announced significant confirmations and extensions of sanctions against Syria in order to put pressure on the current regime.

A spokesperson for the US State Department has confirmed that Washington has not implemented any easing of sanctions against the Syrian regime and will not soften its opposition to plans to rebuild the country led by the ruling apparatuses. Statements by the US State Department strongly denied allegations of US involvement in the UAE’s decision to build a solar power plant in a rural area near Damascus. The decision announced during the recent visit to Syria by Abdullah bin Zayed, UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs.

On Monday, November 15, the Council of the European Union announced an extension of sanctions against members and bodies linked to the Syrian government.

The European sanctions, introduced in 2011 after the crackdown on the first protests organized by groups opposed to Assad, currently affect more than 280 individuals and around 70 organizations linked to the Syrian government.

Bishop Georges, witness on the spot of what is happening in Aleppo, said: “The daily situation is in many ways worse than what we saw when Aleppo was a battleground between the Syrian army and the militias of the soi – saying rebels. There are no medicines, hospitals lack the equipment to save lives, the essentials of life, including food, are lacking, and many are barely able to eat enough every day to survive. “

“The situation is all the more unbearable as we get the impression that the ill-hidden goal of sanctions is precisely to increase the suffering of the population in order to stir up the discontent of political leaders and pursue geopolitical strategies and interests by playing this game at the expense of the Syrian people: it is always the poor who pay, while the rich and the leaders are spared. That is why we keep saying here that these sanctions are criminal.

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