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A Maui County Council committee will discuss proposed charter amendments on Monday that will be placed on the ballot in the 2022 general election in November.

The Government Relations, Ethics and Transparency Committee will meet at 9 a.m. to discuss whether to provide comments or suggest alternatives to the amendments, committee chair Mike Molina announced Friday.

Every 10 years, the Charter Commission meets to review the Maui County Charter, which guides the operations of local government. On February 18, after a year of consideration, the Charter Commission submitted 13 proposed amendments to the Charter, including:

• Changed board elections from general elections to electing three board members from each of the three regions.

• Allow council and board and commission meetings to be held by videoconference in accordance with state law.

• Create the ‘Oiwi Resources Department and affirm that the county will operate as a bilingual government by implementing opportunities to include the Hawaiian language.

• Fix the mandates of the public prosecutor and the company lawyer at five years.

• Remove the cap on penalties for violation of the law so that they can be set by council by ordinance.

“I encourage community members to provide their input on the proposed charter amendments, which have the potential to change how we vote and the overall structure of county government,” Molina said in a press release. “Now is our chance to tell the Charter Commission which proposals voters want to see on the next ballot and which they would like to see revised.”

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