Bobby Henon resigns leadership positions on Philadelphia City Council committee after conviction in corruption trial


PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – Philadelphia City Council member Bobby Henon resigned his leadership role on four council committees after being convicted of conspiracy and fraud charges earlier this week.

Henon made the announcement Wednesday night in a letter to Chairman of the Board Darrell Clarke.

Council member says he is stepping down as chairman of the public property and public works committee, chairman of the licensing and inspection committee, vice chairman of the finance committee and vice chairman of the public health and social services commission. .

“As I take steps to implement a responsible and deliberate transition, I ask that the responsibilities of these committees be reassigned to other members of city council so that the committees can continue their work without distraction or delay,” said said Henon.

Henon did not resign from his post on city council. Under Pennsylvania law, he would not have to do so until his sentencing which is slated for February.

Henon and his co-defendant John Dougherty, longtime business manager of Local 98 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, were convicted on Monday of conspiracy and wire fraud of honest services. Henon was also found guilty of bribery. Both were acquitted of certain charges.

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Dougherty resigned his post on Tuesday, ending his nearly three-decade tenure as head of the union, and said he also plans to step down as business manager of the Philadelphia Building and Construction Trades Council, an organization umbrella of the unions in the city he led. since 2015, the newspaper reported.

Prosecutors said Dougherty gave Henon, a union electrician who became a member of Philadelphia City Council, a union-paid walk-in job to ensure Henon responded to union tenders. Dougherty’s lawyers have said he does not exercise undue influence and that the city allows council members to take outside jobs.

Henon’s defense said the case amounts to criminalizing the legislative process and treating the union differently from other groups that lobby lawmakers. Henon was elected in 2011 and represented his district covering parts of northeast Philadelphia for three terms.

Dougherty – widely known by his nickname “Johnny Doc” – was a major force in Pennsylvania politics, spearheading millions of union campaign contributions to candidates for political office, including his brother, who was elected judge in the State Supreme Court in 2015.

Dougherty still faces at least one more federal trial based on the charges in the broad indictment of 2019.

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