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When expressing interest around a home, there are certain tips you can take with you. You can choose to have a lawyer or real estate agent to negotiate for you, but you can do it yourself. On this page you can read how you can negotiate with the seller and make an offer. Futher reading at

Make up with yourself how much you want to give for the home.

Most homes will be sold at the offered price, so you must have made up for yourself how high you want to go up in price. Similarly, you must also have an idea of ​​how far you can possibly get the price down. At the bottom of the page you will find tips for things that can affect the price.

Show interest in the home
If you want to show your interest in a home, you can give the seller a written expression of interest. Showing interest is not the same as a formal offer, but not a legally binding document that shows that you are interested in buying the house. You can use a paint to express your interest. The estate agent is obliged to give this to the seller.

Place a bid on the property

Start by making an offer that is below the threshold for pain. So you have something to negotiate. But you must not push the price down as far as the seller refuses to negotiate with you. Remember that a difference of maybe NOK 50,000 will only mean an extra cost to you of a few hundred NOK a month.

As long as a contract for the purchase is not signed by the seller, it is only an offer you come with. Only you, the buyer, are bound by it. Only when the seller has signed it is a binding agreement for both parties.

Be careful not to make binding offers on multiple homes at once!


Make reservations

Always make sure that the offer includes a reservation that the offer is dependent on your lawyer to approve the purchase agreement in full. Make sure the time limit for the lawyer’s reservation is not too tight. The seller will usually give you three days. Ask your lawyer.

Set a deadline for the offer

Don’t give the seller too long to think about your offer. The seller will always be interested that there will be more interested buyers. If you set a short time limit on your offer (usually one week), you will soon determine whether the seller wants to sell the house on the terms offered. Then you can bid on other homes that interest you.
When negotiating on price

Most homes that are sold at a price other than the offer have had a good price discussion in advance between the buyer and the seller. Here are some tips on how to negotiate the price of your home.

How is the seller’s situation?

When you have to negotiate, it is important to know as much as possible about the seller’s situation. Is the house from the deceased person? Is the house sold for another reason? Has the seller already bought another home?
How long has the house been for sale?

If the property has been for sale in a short time, usually the seller will be more willing to negotiate. A real estate agent will usually not be interested in telling you how long the house has been for sale. If you want to check such information, check the date on the condition report, or other documents in the trade.

Are there any shortcomings in the home?

Watch the condition report carefully and possibly get a professional to go through the property. If there are any defects in the home, you can use it in the negotiations. Either you can make an appointment for the seller to fix them or you can claim a cash discount in the price corresponding to what it will cost you to do so.

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