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CHARLESTON, W. Va. — A Charleston City Council committee tasked with approving how to spend coronavirus relief funds finalized its recommendation for the entire council on Wednesday.

The US Bailout Advisory Board has approved plans on how to spend $36.8 million in US bailout funding.

The committee’s recommendation includes funding for various city agencies. According to Mayor Amy Shuler Goodwin’s office, officials received 32 requests related to health care, social services, job training and other items.

The recommended plan includes:

— $7.9 million for a fund dedicated to upgrading infrastructure and broadband.
— $6 million for sports fields and facilities.
– $1.25 million for a matching fund for state and federal grants.
— $250,000 for employment opportunities for young people.
— $800,000 for the vaccination clinic and other costs related to the coronavirus.
— $500,000 for the Charleston Sternwheel Regatta, which will take place in July.

“The committee’s recommendation represents an excellent mix of projects that can immediately contribute to our city’s economic recovery, revitalize the health and safety of our communities, and invest in Charleston’s future,” said Mayor Amy Shuler Goodwin.

“Together we have created a comprehensive and thorough plan and are confident that the recommended projects will have a lasting impact in our capital.”

The committee set aside $5 million for an additional round of funding, allowing applicants who did not get funds to potentially get some money.

“We’ll make sure it’s very public and put on the website like we’ve done before to make sure you know it’s available, and we’ll do a second round,” the city council president said. of Charleston, Becky Ceperley.

The Charleston City Council Finance Committee will receive the recommendation at its Feb. 22 meeting. The full board could vote on the recommendation at its March 7 meeting.

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