City Council committee approves pay increases for municipal workers | Local

City union workers could receive a 2.5% or 5% pay rise in 2022 pending council and union votes next week.

The Legal and Finance Committee approved wage increases for bargaining unit employees by a 3-0 vote at Wednesday’s meeting. Council members Ron Weifenbach and Jason Salamun were absent.

Rapid city council will make the final decision on Monday, while the local council of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees will vote on the contract on Wednesday. If the union rejects the contract, negotiations will resume with city officials.

Human resources director Nick Stroot said the contract called for salary discussions for 2022 to take place in 2021. The proposed adjustments would be a 2.5% cost-of-living increase for 13 employees who exceed their salary scale and a cost of living of 5%. increase for all others. If approved, the increases will take effect on June 19, 2022.

Council member Ritchie Nordstrom said the city historically granted an annual adjustment of around 3% to the cost of living.

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Stroot said there was a 3% adjustment in July 2021. The city conducted a 2018 wage study which showed the city was “significantly behind” wages at many unionized jobs. The city increased wages by 13.6% in 2020. There are 161 employees who did not get an average raise who will receive a full pay raise as well as the 5% cost of living adjustment. Stroot said 117 employees will get the 5% increase.

The committee voted 2-1 to send a request to forward a letter of support regarding the statewide social studies curriculum and standards to Rapid City Council. Council member Lance Lehmann, who serves as a liaison with the City Youth Council, opposed the measure.

“I actually think the premise is wonderful, but I will vote no on this today just because I don’t think the city should be an advocacy group,” he said.

Council members Ritchie Nordstrom and Darla Drew agreed with Lehmann’s statement, but still voted yes.

The letter would be sent to the Ministry of Education indicating its support for Oceti Sakowin’s core understandings and standards in the social studies curriculum. The Youth City Council unanimously approved the letter of support.

Youth council secretary Tae Swanson said on Wednesday that Lakota history should be taught in schools.

“It’s part of the history of the United States, but above all it is an important part of the history of South Dakota,” she said.

The committee voted 3-0 to approve a spending request for the Youth Council to travel to Washington, DC for the National League of Cities youth event March 14-22, 2022.

The Youth Council unanimously approved the expenditure of $ 23,000 to send eight youth and two adults to the event.

The Legal and Finance Committee voted 3-0 for a resolution to enter into a rental agreement with the downtown business improvement district for Main Street Square. The agreement expands the boundaries of Main Street Square to include the entire lane and the gated portion of the ground floor parking garage on Fifth Street. It also indicates that the city would provide a payment for utilities, estimated at $ 70,000.

The lease is for five years with two renewals of five years each.

Rapid City Council will consider the items at its Monday evening meeting.

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