Clovis Elementary School Wins Statewide Recognition for Civic Learning

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) — Tarpey Elementary School’s student council is busy.

From food drives to student council meetings, these elementary students have been hard at work since last fall.

“There are so many things they do to develop their leadership skills, to build, to connect with the community and to just get involved and learn what government is like on a school site,” says principal Tachua Vue.

They give back and learn leadership skills along the way.

“What I learned from student council is that you have to have a voice for your school and be a leader,” said student Isabella Medina.

“The biggest part of student council is getting our kids involved, eager to share your voice, to share your opinions, to have these respectful conversations,” said student council counselor Katy Hunter.

And they’re earning statewide recognition — the group was recently honored with an Excellence in Civics Learning Award.

It is the only elementary school in the state to earn this honor.

The award honors public school efforts to engage students in civic learning.

This is something these students know only too well.

“I joined the student council because it feels good to make big decisions. My favorite thing was writing letters to the military because it was fun to make them happy,” says student Pierce Pope .

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