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99 years ago in 1923

The Warren City Council met in special session to consider the streetcar problem and learn the attitude of the Pennsylvania-Ohio Electric Co. toward Warren and its lines there.

The special meeting was called by Mayor JD McBride after contacting General Manager Graham of the PO Company and receiving Graham’s promise that he would be present at the meeting.

Another important purpose of the meeting was for the board to allow city attorney Lee to travel to Columbus for the Supreme Court hearing there on the traction company’s motion for leave to drop. its lines west of Youngstown.

The company claimed that the lines were not generating enough revenue to justify their continuation and that fares needed to be increased or the lines dropped as a loss.

50 years ago in 1972

A lot of “firsts” awaited schoolboy football teams from 12 Ohio schools in the first five-site state championship playoff opener, and undefeated Class AAA semifinalists Warren Western Reserve (10- 0) would benefit from some “Supplements” when they met Toledo Scott (8-0-1) at Ohio State University Stadium.

The youngsters would play on artificial turf for the first time in a doubleheader — another first — that was expected to attract the largest crowd to ever watch high school football games in Buckeye State.

Western Reserve defeated Loraine Southview, 28-0, to advance to the state’s historic first playoffs.

25 years ago in 1997

For the third time in less than a year, three drug-sniffing dogs and nearly a dozen police officers from at least four Trumbull County departments combed the hallways and parking lots of Niles High Schools in the search for illegal drugs. And for the second time the search turned out to be empty.

“We can come every time and find nothing. That’s great,” Said Captain Al Kijowski, Niles Mining Officer.

The first raid, held in March, uncovered small portions of marijuana, drug paraphernalia and an illegal knife. Three students have been charged.

10 years ago in 2012

Students at Warren City schools would enjoy the salsa made from locally grown tomatoes. Five bushels of tomatoes were delivered to Warren G. Harding High School.

“We were really happy with what happened today,” said Laureen Postlewait, director of food service at Warren Schools, explaining that the tomatoes’ aroma and vibrant color were surprising for a November delivery.

The tomatoes were the last pickings of field grown tomatoes from the Anguili Farmers Market in Canfield. The produce was purchased from the Lake to River Cooperative, a member-owned cooperative comprising a local group of food producers, processors, and institutional and commercial buyers, including a number of farms, schools, and businesses in the region.

— Compiled from the archives of the Tribune Chronicle by Allie Vugrincic.

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