Council Rock school board election results: polls closed


NEWTOWN, PA – Polls are now closed in Pennsylvania and results are starting to fall for races across Bucks County, including multiple seats for the Council Rock School Board in Newtown.

The election of members of the Rock School Board is one of the most controversial parts of the election in Newtown. With the national discussion ranging from hiding children to what they are taught in schools, this part of the election is very important to voters in the township and borough.

Republican candidates include Kristin Marcell for re-election as principal of the school, as well as Michael Roosevelt for the same post.

Marcell is campaigning to improve the quality of education for all Council Rock students, as well as to balance budgets and related funding.

“My goal is for the district to focus on what education should be: making every CR student successful every day – helping to bring out the potential of every student in our district,” said Marcell.

Roosevelt campaigns for academic excellence in the school district, as well as oversight of the budget and efficient use of funds for children and parents.

“I plan to work with other board members to resolve current issues facing our school district, such as: budget shortfalls, achievement gaps and putting kids first,” Roosevelt said. “I am motivated to apply for this position because I believe that my experience in running a business, interface with people and my ability to solve problems collaboratively will be an asset for this school board. “

Republican school board candidates include Bob Hickey and Keven Gessner.

Hickey is campaigning to improve school board transparency for parents and taxpayers, while emphasizing what he calls “STEAM” education, similar to STEM.

“I think there should be a greater focus on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math) while exploring and promoting other career avenues such as the military and trades,” said Hickey. “I believe schools should balance their budgets like families.”

Gessner is campaigning to reduce taxes and improve the quality of education for children in the district.

Gessner said one of his priorities will be to “stay the course on taxes and focus on improving the ranking of our schools.”

Democratic candidates include Nicole Khan, Yota Palli and Paula Barson for school board positions.

Khan is campaigning to work on in-person education while keeping them safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The most pressing issue facing our current school board is the lack of conversation about educating our children,” Khan said. “I want to put the emphasis back on education, while keeping our children and staff safe at school.”

Palli is campaigning to follow science-based steps to keep children safe during the pandemic, which she says previous board members have ignored.

“I plan to bring him together with respect, compassion, empathy and thoughtfulness,” Palli said. “We need to help our children academically, socially and emotionally, especially as we recover from this pandemic.”

Barson is also campaigning to keep children safe, while emphasizing the importance of in-person classes to the mental health of all students.

“The top priority is to have a plan in place that allows students to stay in school, safely in buildings that meet the standards of this community,” Barson said. “I am the science and I think the district should follow the recommendations of the PA Department of Health, CDC, American Academy of Pediatrics, and Bucks County Department of Health.”

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On November 2, 476,127 registered voters were given the opportunity to vote in person or by mail-in ballot for district attorneys, school board members and district judges.

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