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Above: Hudson Artz and Briana Joseph were selected as Fairmont High School Triple A winners. Senior students excel in studies, the arts, and athletics.

FAIRMONT– This year’s Triple A winners at Fairmont High School have been named. Each year, one student is selected from the senior class and recognized for their excellence in the arts, athletics and studies. This year, it’s Briana Joseph and Hudson Artz.

Joseph and Artz had different interests when it came to classes, sports, and other extracurricular activities. But they both led their class, which has around 117 students.

Joseph, daughter of Abraham and Simmi, joins her brother, Tony, who was named the school’s Triple A winner in 2017. She has been a constant student of the group since 5th grade. She is a percussionist and has been part of a marching band, pep band, concert band and jazz orchestra. She was also selected in an honor group and did well in solo ensembles.

“I went in and out of the choir, but I don’t have enough time in my schedule to take it” Joseph explained.

She also performed in the pit orchestra during the school’s fall musical throughout high school.

While Kelly and Sheri’s son Artz enjoyed singing, he was only in the choir in his first year. However, this school year he did something new and tried it out for the fall musical.

“I always thought I would and last year with Covid there wasn’t even a musical” Artz explained.

He said he tried to get friends to try it out with him, but no one did, so he went all out on his own and ended up landing the role of Beast in “The beauty and the Beast.”

“I said I would do any role but I wasn’t expecting much” Artz admitted.

He said he would have liked to have come out for the musical in previous years as well, but that he planned to release for the spring play.

When it comes to athletics, both Joseph and Artz have had successful careers.

Joseph has been playing tennis since grade 7 and she has been captain since grade 10. She was also named MVP as a 10th and 11th grader.

“It’s fun to watch the program grow. When I arrived in 7th we had a record of losses, but our last year we ended up declaring and finishing 4th ”, she said.

The Fairmont High School tennis team made history when it declared itself in the fall of 2021. It was the team’s first appearance since 1994.

Joseph has been a dancer for a long time. She started with the Borchardt Dance Company when she was only three years old and has been a part of the school’s dance team since middle school.

“A lot of people know that we are playing at half-time, but they don’t know the competitions and the competitive aspects” said Joseph.

Artz has been playing track and field and hockey since grade 8 and has received a letter in both sports each year. He was a hockey captain for three years and a track and field captain for two years.

That’s not all. Artz was also a big fan of football, playing throughout high school. He was a senior captain and a three-time winner of all districts. He was also named defensive back of the year.

As for academics, Joseph took various courses. This year alone she is in Keynote Address, Anatomy and Physiology, AP Government, Spanish, Calculus, Broadcast Journalism, and Introduction to Latino Studies, which has been her favorite. She called the class unique.

“It was only offered for another year. I really like the class. There is an interesting community of people which makes for a good learning experience ”, she said.

Joseph has also been in the Knowledge Bowl, the Mock Trial, and the National Honor Society. She is a member of the student council and a student member of the Fairmont School Board.

Last but not least, Joseph is ranked number one in his class academically.

The classes Artz took are different from Joesph’s, but no less impressive. He takes composition classes at college, three online college courses in Minnesota West: speech, art history and microeconomics, cooking, and intro to flight.

“This is probably the most interesting course I have taken. Thought it would be fun and easy, but you not only get to fly but get to know the industry ”, he said.

Artz shared that his favorite subject is history, especially government. Joseph said she really enjoyed her Latin studies class as well as the Spanish.

Outside of school, the two students kept busy. During the summer Joseph helped coach various tennis camps and also attended summer school. Artz can be found in the weight room a lot and worked out at the Interlaken golf course on weekends. He also referees hockey in the winter most weekends.

Joseph and Artz achieved all of this even though the end of their sophomore year and the start of their junior year were affected by Covid. They both expressed their gratitude that their last year was over “Ordinary.”

“We were not too affected by this”, said Artz.

“The sport was pretty much the same. We have had all the seasons ”, Joseph added.

Thinking back to their high school careers, Artz said his favorite moments were sports, especially soccer.

“The musical was a truly unique experience that I will never forget” said Artz.

Joseph said going to the United States for tennis was a highlight for her. She said the past year is passing fast and she is trying to soak it all up.

As for the future, Artz will go to North Dakota State University, where he will play football. Joseph is undecided as to where she wants to go, although she has shared that she has been accepted into a number of schools.

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