First Meeting of the Springfield City Council Committee of the Whole

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) — Springfield City Council Speaker Jesse Lederman has called the first meeting of the City Council’s Committee of the Whole to oversee the implementation of the Springfield Board of Police Commissioners.

The meeting was also intended to oversee the consent decree ordered by the US Department of Justice. Councilor Lederman told 22News these meetings would be held quarterly.

He added that these meetings will provide an opportunity for residents and police to receive consistent updates on the reforms decided by the council and will give councilors the opportunity to answer questions from the community.

“The creation of the Springfield Board of Commissioners is about creating a fair, transparent, and professional police board that the residents of the City of Springfield and the members of the Springfield Police Department can rely on to be consistent, fair, and to execute justice. – we believe these hearings are important to ensure the board has the resources it needs to be successful,” Councilor Lederman said.

22News contacted the Sarno Mayor’s office about the Wednesday evening meeting, and he said: “Superintendent of Police Cheryl Clapprood, City Judge Advocate John Payne and I continue to work hand in hand with the Department of Justice team to implement initiatives and reforms that fulfill our responsibilities to ensure the delicate balance of public safety to all of our residents and businesses, as well as cop accountability, by the through our Board of Police Commissioners.

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