Former City Councilman Reggie Brown’s Jacksonville home foreclosed

A federal judge ordered the foreclosure and sale on Wednesday of the home of former Jacksonville City Councilman Reggie Brown, reportedly days after his release from a jail where he served time for fraud.

U.S. District Judge Marcia Morales Howard granted a request from prosecutors to seize the home to help settle a $411,000 forfeiture order she imposed in October 2020, when Brown was convicted along with another former member of the Katrina Brown Council for dozens of counts of fraud involving billing for a failed barbecue sauce factory.

Prosecutors said no payment was made when they last month sought permission to take the home on Ray Road off Cleveland Road near Edgewood Avenue in northwest Jacksonville .

Records from the Duval County Real Estate Appraiser’s Office put the home’s market value at $93,500.

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Howard’s order described his action as preliminary, apparently to allow time for others to argue that they already had legal claims to the land that should take priority.

“Assuming no third party files a successful claim against the real property, the net proceeds … will be credited for the partial satisfaction of the defendant’s forfeiture order,” the judge wrote.

Brown, who is not related to Katrina Brown, bought the house in 2010. He had claimed it as his family property, meaning he lived there before reporting in January 2021 to the federal correctional institution -Jesup of Wayne County, Georgia, to begin serving an 18-month sentence.

While the Federal Bureau of Prisons initially anticipated Brown, 59, could end his incarceration in May, an inmate locator website the bureau operates said Wednesday that he was released on Friday.

In October 2019, a jury found Brown guilty of 33 counts and Katrina Brown guilty of 37 counts, most of which involved misleading a lender funding a project by Katrina Brown’s family to open a barbecue sauce factory on Commonwealth Avenue.

None of the crimes involved their roles as council members, but both were suspended from duty shortly after their May 2018 indictments.

Katrina Brown, who was sentenced to 33 months behind bars, remained in custody Wednesday at FCI-Marianna in Jackson County, near the site of the prisons.

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