High Point City Council Committee Approves NAACP Resolution Calling City for Apology for Slavery | Local government


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One of the tasks of the commission would be to address the question of how the town of High Point will issue a formal apology on behalf of African American citizens for the commission of gross human rights violations and crimes against the humanity over African slaves and their descendants. “

It would also indicate how “any form of compensation to descendants of African slaves can be calculated”, what form of compensation should be granted and who should be entitled to it.

NAACP officials did not specify what kind of reparations they are asking the city for, arguing that it should be up to the proposed commission.

“The term repair is not synonymous with money,” said Councilor Cyril Jefferson. “The term reparations is much broader in scope and doesn’t just mean direct cash payments to people. “

The resolution states that slavery “flourished” not only in the United States and North Carolina as a whole, but also in “the city of High Point”.

After the abolition of slavery, the governments of the United States, North Carolina, and High Point continued to “perpetuate, tolerate and often take advantage of practices that continued to brutalize and disadvantage African Americans, including sharecropping, condemned leasing, Jim Crow, redlining, unequal education. and disproportionate treatment by the criminal justice system, ”says the resolution.

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