How to pay a credit card?

When you make the timely payment of your credit card you contribute to forging an adequate credit history that will later serve you for large credits, such as the mortgage loan to buy a house. You need to be disciplined in paying your monthly payments, and always cancel them on time. Therefore, it is important that you read this article, in which we tell you how to pay a credit card.

At present, canceling the payment of the monthly payments derived from the use of your credit card is very simple. You have at your disposal a wide mechanism of payment instruments that allow you to do this operation from anywhere.

The payment mechanisms you can use are the following:


Payment in agency

credit card payment

You must go to a branch of your financial institution and make the corresponding cash payment. The payment is made in cash, although it is clear that you can obtain the same from the fund available in your accounts.


Payment in associated stores

credit card

Some financial institutions establish payment associations with stores, allowing you to make your card payments in the latter. In this case, you should be aware of the amount of the commission that this operation can generate. Also to the limitations of the maximum payment amount that are sometimes established for this type of operations.



ATM machine

One of the easiest options to pay your credit card is by using the ATM network. You just have to go to an ATM of a financial institution where you have funds and make the payment. During the payment operation, you must indicate from which of your accounts the payment funds are debited.


Electronic banking

Electronic banking

Accessing the Internet portal of one of your financial institutions you can make the payment of your credit card. It is not necessary to be the portal of the same institution that granted you the card you wish to cancel. However, when it is a different one, check if the operation is carried out free of a commission payment.

The mechanism of this operation is similar to that used in the case of ATMs. The money used in the payment is debited from the account you select during the operation.

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