Jah Cure’s Amsterdam jail sentence might not hurt the Grammys


A few weeks ago, Jah Cure danced and sang the tunes to a song on his Instagram Live video. Cure said in the video that he is selecting tracks to send to his record company for consideration at the upcoming 64th Grammy Awards (the awards will air live in Los Angeles on Jan.31, 2022). The alleged turn of events in Amsterdam, however, has fans wondering if his Grammy chances will be affected.

According to Dutch authorities, a man, believed to be Jah Cure, is being held in Amsterdam on suspicion of attempted manslaughter, aggravated assault or attempted aggravated assault.

Grammy rules, however, indicate that the alleged Amsterdam debacle may have no effect. Specifically, the rules state that “The purpose of the Recording Academy is to ensure that the GRAMMY Awards process is conducted in a fair and ethical manner and that voting members make their choices based solely on the artistic and technical merits of the eligible records “.

On this basis, Jah Cure’s music will be judged on its own merits and not on the results of the alleged Amsterdam debacle.

In this regard, the Dutch authorities previously told Loop Cayman that the suspect will appear in the Council Chamber this week and that the prosecutor will ask the court to issue a remand order for up to ninety days.

As an update, Dutch authorities told Loop Cayman today (October 19):

“The 42-year-old remains in detention until next Monday, when he will appear again before the Council Chamber, which is part of the Amsterdam court. The court’s decision will be announced a day later.

If the man in custody is Jah Cure, then he will know something of his fate by Tuesday October 26th.

It is also a curious incident because, if the allegations are true and if he is found guilty, Jah Cure will have appreciated the consequences himself, having recently articulated it by singing “there is a price for every choice” .

If he is incarcerated and then becomes even more recognized for his music, it won’t be a surprise either as he has had musical successes behind bars before.

For now, fans will be waiting for two things: whether Jah Cure is the alleged person according to Dutch authorities to wait to hear his fate in Amsterdam courts next week and, of course, whether he will win the Grammy..

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