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The plenary committee of the city council of Marietta discussed Monday the redistribution of the districts.

Council President Susan Vessels said it is required by law to equalize the population in neighborhoods by the end of the year.

With 13,385 residents in the town of Marietta, there is an average of 3,346 in each neighborhood. Ships said ward sizes can vary by 5%, which is 83 people above or below.

She said the first ward has a population of 3,378, which is 32 above average. The third district has 3,332 residents, only 14 above average.

The second and fourth quarters should be redesigned, as the second ward has 3,601 residents, 255 above average. They are expected to lose at least 172 people, Vessels said.

The fourth ward has 3,074 residents, so they would need a minimum of 188 to bring them down to the minimum population required by law, she said.

The city hired a consultant, Drew Sexton, who loaded the census onto a digital map, which made it easier for the council to choose where the redistribution would be easiest.

The ships reported four sections in the second room that could be redistributed to make the rooms more uniform.

Fourth Quarter City Councilor Geoff Schenkel said the second ward would still be the largest ward and the fourth would still be the smallest, but that they would fall within that 5% range.

The areas that would change from the second to the fourth quarter are:

Washington Street to Knox Street, from Front to Second Street;

from Front Street to Scammel Street;

Washington Street to Warren Street, from Sixth to Seventh Street.

“The fewer people who have to find their new neighborhood, the better.” General Councilor Susan Boyer said.

The council has agreed to the redistribution and the legislation will be ready for Thursday’s plenary council meeting. The first reading will take place on Thursday and the second reading will be suspended, Vessels said. The third reading and adoption of the legislation will take place at the plenary council meeting on December 16.

In one look :

¯ The municipal council of Marietta discussed Monday the redistribution of the districts.

¯ The last census was Marietta with 13,385 inhabitants.

¯ There is an average of 3,346 people in each neighborhood.

Source: Marietta City Council.

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