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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Members of a Louisville Metro Council committee heard public comment on Tuesday on the proposed contract tentatively accepted by the Louisville Metro Police and the City Police Union.

The contract includes 9% increases in 2022 and 3% increases in 2023, among other benefits. City leaders and the River City Fraternal Order of Police leaders believe the salary increase will help LMPD recruit and retain talented people.

FOP members have already started voting on the proposal, which is why Metro City Councilor Keisha Dorsey wanted to hold public hearings. Dorsey is chairman of the Labor and Economic Development Committee and has fought to give the public access to the contract.

“I think it is important that as FOP members prepare for a vote … they hear the voice of the public they are protecting,” she said.

Eight residences had three minutes each Tuesday to share their thoughts and concerns regarding the proposed contract with the committee.

“I asked you to be bold,” said Nancy Cavalcante. “Vote no and fire him, because these contracts continue to allow the following: They do not allow for any layoffs, which hinders the divestment of the police service and limits investment in community services. “

Most speakers called on Metro Council members to reject the contract proposal, but at least one person expressed support for the LMPD and a pay rise.

Thomas Zoeller began his remarks with a series of questions.

“Who do we rely on every day to ensure the maintenance of public order? How do we expect and demand that this important function of government be carried out? I’ll tell you how: flawless and flawless and under the most life-threatening circumstances, “Zoeller said.” Are you held to the same standards in your work and your day-to-day responsibilities? “

Zoeller called on the board committee members to make the right decision and compensate the brave men and women of LMPD.

“I tell those who want to fund the police that we civilians are doing a bad job in reducing our own criminal behavior,” he said. “Again, I’m going to ask what price are we putting on law and order in our city.”

The proposal includes a list of reforms that should help ensure a more accountable police service. Police union members still have a week to vote on the contract.

“If they vote to pass it, it will go to Metro Council,” Dorsey said. “If they vote against, it will come back to negotiations with the administration, and we will resume this process.”

There will be another public hearing on Monday, September 20. It is also the last day for FOP members to vote on the contract offer.

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