Milwaukee City Council committee postpones RNC vote; wants money to host the 2024 Convention

MILWAUKEE — The Republican National Committee will have to wait and see if its interest in Milwaukee hosting its 2024 convention is mutual.

The city council’s management and by-laws committee voted today to postpone accepting the framework of a contract that would allow the city to host the political party.

The issue during today’s three-plus-hour session was the amount of money City would or would not receive as hosts.

“We can barely afford the level of public service we’re currently providing,” Alderman Bob Baumann said, citing the fact that much of the estimated $200 million in economic benefits would go to private businesses and government. State of Wisconsin.

“We need the money, and not a penny of that two hundred million goes into the city’s pocket that we can spend on all those services that we’re obligated to provide,” Baumann added. “We have no problem morally with the RNC, it’s a business problem, we need money that goes directly to the city to cover our obligations and expenses.”

After more than an hour of testimony, including City Development Commissioner Lafayette Crump, VISIT Milwaukee CEO Peggy Williams-Smith, and Republican Party Liaison Gerard Randall, the commission went into closed session. closed.

After they walked out of the closed session, Alderman JoCasta Zamarripa demanded an amendment be made to the contract that would require the RNC to provide $6 million to the city as part of the community benefits agreement. The amendment was unanimously approved by his amendment and voted 7 to 1 to defer the vote on the agreement to a later date.

The full City Council will meet again on June 1. The RNC said it would, ideally, make its decision on the venue for the convention by the end of June.

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