‘Miracle Minute’ unites rivals from multiple cities to support school shooting victims

KINGSFORD, Mich. (WLUC) — On the court, Iron Mountain and Kingsford have one of UP’s fiercest high school rivalries. grieving students at Oxford High School in Lower Michigan.

Separated by less than a mile after a short walk down Kimberly Avenue, students from Iron Mountain and Kingsford filled the gymnasium for a good cause.

The cause? Students at Oxford High School, where four classmates were killed in a school shooting in November.

“I’ve always been emotional and just want to help people who are going through something so serious,” said Maria Fornetti, Kingsford Junior.

Fornetti worked with Kingsford administration to organize the event. The Iron Mountain-Kingsford men’s basketball game was chosen to host the fundraiser.

“We have a connection to the Iron Mountain community. We are the same community,” said Dave Lindbeck, Principal of Kingsford High School.

The two schools worked together to create the “Miracle Minute”. Students rushed to get as many donations as possible in one minute.

“At a rivalry game we have our student section which has a theme they are for Iron Mountain, Kingsford has their theme where they want Kingsford to win. This is an opportunity for us to have a fundraising theme,” said William Traber, Principal of Iron Mountain High School.

The unifying theme was the United States. Within a minute, $1,455.79 was donated. Iron Mountain guard Matthew Colavecchi’s mother won the $238 50-50 raffle buyout, and she gave Oxford her all. All this money will support grieving students.

“We are going to two different regions. One will be a foundation for victims, and another will be therapy dogs,” Lindbeck said.

Twelve students from Oxford High School zoomed in to watch the events.

“Even the small communities in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula think and do things for themselves. I really hope they like it,” said Ben Trevillian, Kingsford Basketball junior forward and student council member.

Trevillian says this rivalry game was different and the two teams walked off the field hugging each other.

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