Montrose City Council is looking to partner with schools for safer routes for children

Jackson Wright, 6, of Oakley holds his younger brother Carter’s fish after it was weighed in at the Chesaning Kiwanis Club’s annual children’s sucker tournament Saturday, April 23, at Showboat Park. Later, Carter’s fish would place second overall. Carter (not pictured) is 2 years old. Pictures of Jeanne Marcello

MONTROSE – Montrose Town Pro-Tem Mayor Mark Richard addressed the Montrose Community Schools Board at its meeting on Tuesday, April 26, proposing that the town and schools work together on a request for grant under the Safe Routes to School program.

Richard said: “There has already been cooperation between the town and the schools. City Manager Neil Rankin found this opportunity where we can improve crosswalks and sidewalks for children walking to and from school.

Rankin spoke to the school board explaining that the state provides grants through the Safe Routes to School program to improve student safety. He explained that part of the process would involve studying where Montrose students live in relation to schools.

Rankin said: “We want to encourage students to walk and cycle to school. Safe Routes to School is a great program. We don’t want a sidewalk to end between the town and the school. There is $250,000 in grants available to improve sidewalks and crosswalks.

At left, 8-year-old Makenna Smith from Chesaning likes to fish pink.

At left, 8-year-old Makenna Smith from Chesaning likes to fish pink.

He explained that he has already applied for grants to improve Feher Drive, which will cost nearly $1 million, but wants to work with schools to apply for federal mini-grants and major grants for improve sidewalks and crosswalks used by students. go to school.

Rankin, who is married to a teacher, said: ‘Flashing lights at a crosswalk during school hours make it safer for children to pass through school. He also offered to reach out to the municipality on this project.

Superintendent Linden Moore said, “It really is a great program. This app is no joke, there is more to it than most grant applications. It’s something I would love to do. Moore explained that he wanted a sidewalk connecting Nanita Drive to Fehr Drive.

Richard said, “Neil was instrumental in getting grants. He would be a great resource and I totally agree.

Evergreen Hafner, 8, of Saint-Charles, caught this beautiful fish.

Evergreen Hafner, 8, of Saint-Charles, caught this beautiful fish.

In related news, Montrose City Council had expressed interest in having a student on the city council. Rankin said, “In the past, the city had a student representative.” The board would like to hear from a local student youth leader. Moore said he’s already found an interested high schooler, but didn’t share the name at this point.

Rankin also informed the school board that Habitat for Humanity will be building a second home in the town of Montrose. Students 18 and older can volunteer to help Habitat for Humanity, earning the volunteer hours they need to graduate.

Also during the meeting, the school board approved the Montrose Blueberry Festival’s request to have a liquor license for the entertainment tent at Lions City Park during the festival.

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