News in Clarksville: Another city council resignation, COVID outbreaks and other big stories this week


CLARKSVILLE, TN – Here’s a look at some of the top local news from Clarksville Now this week.

Top 10 Clarksville Stories in 2021: A winter storm, a downtown fire and a mysterious murder – these are the big stories that shaped Clarksville in 2021. READ MORE

Data lag increases by nearly 100 local COVID-19 deaths for 2021, with active cases increasing: The state has reconciled a delay in reporting and processing death certificates, which has increased the number of reported deaths. READ MORE

Ashlee Evans resigns from City Council effective February: She told her colleagues that her partner had received orders in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. READ MORE

Downtown parking garage reopens after structural review: Engineers gave the garage a good health check and the city made some cosmetic repairs. READ MORE

Woman dies of injuries after being struck while walking on Trenton Road: She was walking in the center lane at night when she was struck by a vehicle. READ MORE

Closure of an Animal Control shelter following the COVID epidemic: With a staff shortage already, several employees have come out with COVID-19. READ MORE

1 killed in a motorcycle accident on Tiny Town Road: A car crossed the path of a motorcycle. READ MORE

“I thought I was going to die”: Addressing the stigma of living with HIV: There was a time when HIV / AIDS was a death sentence. But there has been a revolution in medicine. Here is an overview of how far we have come. READ MORE

Tennova is restricting emergency room visitors due to increased COVID and flu cases: As local cases have increased, the number of hospitalized patients positive for COVID-19 has also increased. READ MORE

Woman accused of theft, kidnapping after an accident: Police were investigating an accident in one area and a gunshot incident in another. READ MORE

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