Neyland’s notice of motion on soaring energy costs – The Pembrokeshire Herald

A NEYLAND community councilor has tabled a motion at the next town council – due to take place on September 5 – regarding soaring energy bills.

Cllr Andrew Lye told this newspaper: ‘We are in a dire state in the country.

“I remember the power cuts in 1973/4 but what we are seeing now is worse because we have people not going to turn on the heating or cook a nice hot meal.”

Cllr Lye wants the Prime Minister to make an urgent overdue announcement to deal with the cost of living crisis.

The motion reads: “This advice notes that the current cost of living crisis is already hitting many households in the town of Neyland hard.

Concerned: Andrew Lye

“As a city council, we are here to speak on behalf of the people who will once again be affected by a further increase in the energy price cap from 1st October 2022, as it goes from £1,971 to £3,549.

“The October increase is a massive increase of £130 a month. As New Year approaches, the cost of electricity will double from 28p per kWh to 52p. Gas will drop from 7p to 15p per kWh, at a time when city dwellers will think about putting on central heating.

“This Council notes that the assistance of former Chancellor Rishi Sunak was not sufficient and that further assistance is urgently needed NOW.” Instead, we have a zombie government that leaves it to the next Prime Minister to deal with.

“This Council also notes that the increase in the rate of inflation for food, gasoline and other goods is not reflected in wage increases and the increasing number of strikes, affecting the economy.

‘This Council decides:-

1. Calls on the Prime Minister to make an urgent overdue announcement to address the cost of living crisis and the support that will be provided to households.

2. Aid should mainly be granted to people with low or middle incomes, including those who receive allowances and pensions. All aid must not be regressive. Tax cuts alone will not necessarily help retirees.

3. We can’t afford continued inaction in the face of the huge upside coming in October, which could rise from £5,000 to £6,000 in January. This is an emergency and the government must act now to save families and pensioners £1,500 by reversing the planned rise in energy bills, in October as part of a household protection plan,

4. The increase also affects commercial properties in Neyland, which are not protected by the energy price cap. We fear the future of current businesses operating in the town. They also need urgent help.

5. This Council is looking urgently at Christmas lights and whether we go ahead with their installation, due to the huge increase in the cost of electricity.

6. This Council writes to the Prime Minister, Premier, MP Stephen Crabb, MP Paul Davies and the 4 Regional Member States of Mid and West Wales, to express our deep concern at the crisis which is affects the people of Neyland.

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