Ninety Ukrainians fleeing war welcomed to Calderdale, council confirms

Calderdale has taken in more than 90 refugees from Ukraine since the conflict began, with new arrivals expected every week, the council confirmed.

And as part of National Refugee Week, Calderdale Council is also looking to recruit a team leader for the government’s Home for Ukraine program in the borough to coordinate the borough’s response and welcome new arrivals.

The council’s cabinet member for public services and communities, councilor Jenny Lynn, described what the council is doing – often with community partners – to help.

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“We want everyone who arrives at Calderdale to feel welcome. This week is Refugee Week and we celebrate the important contributions refugees make to communities across the borough.

“Calderdale has a long tradition of welcoming refugees from all over the world. We are a sanctuary valley, with a strong network of organizations working together to create a friendly and inclusive borough for all,” she said.

This work has been reflected in the district’s willingness to help people leaving Ukraine because of the conflict, she added.

“As we continue to see devastating scenes in Ukraine, we remain committed to supporting those fleeing war. “The Council is currently recruiting for the position of Team Leader for the Home for Ukraine program to help coordinate our response and provide host support and a warm welcome to individuals and families arriving in Calderdale.

“The Homes for Ukraine program is administered by the government’s Department for Housing and Community Upgrading and the council works with them to support those arriving and carry out the necessary accommodation, protection and welfare checks.

“The district has already welcomed more than 90 refugees from the war in Ukraine and we are expecting new arrivals every week.

“We have seen incredible support from local people eager to help in any way they can, with incredible examples of kindness in our communities. “The council also provides additional support to ensure hosts and refugees feel fully supported,” she said.

Councilor Lynn said this includes sponsor information packs with links to sponsor support networks and regular sponsor updates, “Welcome to Calderdale” packs designed for Ukrainian refugees with a broad range of useful information and contact details, the provision of a dedicated migration worker for each Ukrainian household. organize a welcome meeting and regular update checks throughout their first 12 months at Calderdale, as well as regular mailings to refugees and sponsors, listing available events and activities, including language courses and community events and celebrations.

The “Welcome To Calderdale” packs include “how to” guides to accessing the services, available in English, Ukrainian and Russian. Earl Lynn said it was a welcoming effort from all parts of the Calderdale community.

“In addition to the kindness of individuals, the efforts of a wide range of community organizations in Calderdale have been essential in supporting those arriving from Ukraine. This includes Halifax Ukrainians, King’s Center in Halifax, The Leo Group and Calder Community Cares, among others,” she said.


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