Oswestry City Council does not oppose Muslim center plans



Oswestry advisers made no objection to proposed new plans to establish a Muslim center in the city.

The plans are currently in consultation with the Shropshire Council – closing Thursday October 3 – and were presented to the Oswestry City Council Planning Committee on Wednesday September 11.

The plans are to convert the Citadel into the center, which had recently approved plans for a cinema in the former Salvation Army base and once housed a carpet business.

The applicant, Zacharia Chowdhury, says his plans are to return the building for community use for a congregation to be drawn from the Oswestry area.

He also states that the visual character of the building will also be maintained and that it will continue to integrate with the heritage of the other buildings along King Street.

The app also confirmed the times when the Muslim center will be used by worshipers – five times a day, while twice a year there will be early morning payers for Eid-Ul-Adah and Eid. -Ul-Fitre while Ramadam will also be celebrated.

It was also confirmed that there would be no outside noise to call the faithful to prayer.

The plans sparked some controversy on social media, with some residents saying the center would not be welcome while others demanded that the King Street building be used for other purposes.

However, some Facebook users have defended the app.

At Wednesday’s planning meeting, councilors were given the opportunity to comment on the request, to be submitted to Shropshire Council.

But it was unanimously voted to support the candidacy without comment.

Meanwhile, three other elements of the planning program also received support without comment.

First, the construction of a single-storey rear extension and a side garage to replace the one already demolished on Victoria Road; new windows at Baldwins Accountants on Beatrice Street; and to approve additional community hall space on the Morrisons site at Smithfield Market.


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