Slog PM: No date set for delayed sweep of City Hall, Seattle is so expensive I’m spiraling, and in an alternate dimension, the Council passed a watered down extension of the moratorium – Slog

These anarchists make fine signs. hong kong

This Stop The Sweeps group: They stopped sweeping.


Well they arrested one of them for maybe a few days. On Sunday, Seattle Parks and Recreation issued a notice to remove the encampment across from City Hall. Advocates said they wanted to send a message to the new mayor happy to sweep by protecting the encampment, which they say had not received enough outreach services and shelter referrals – if any – before the scheduled scan.

I quickly called Parks and Rec, and a spokesperson wouldn’t tell me why the department had delayed the sweep over the phone. She had to walk past some people, but she blamed a shortage of staff in an email later. Parks and Rec showed up on Sunday, cleaned up a bit and then left. Sweepers said they saw Parks and Rec and SPD patrolling the area later.

The department will reschedule the scan but did not find a date. The Parks and Rec spokesperson said there were no variables that influenced when they would reschedule, just that it needed time to get organized.

When I spoke to sweepers at City Hall Park yesterday, they said they would be there to hold the area as long as they could.

Extremely wealthy people looking for a house? Capitol Hill’s Sam Hill Mansion is back on the market and it’s yours for $16 million. If you buy with Redfin, it’s only $15,969,232. You don’t see offers like this every day. I’ll let Capitol Hill Seattle’s fun and fresh blog tell you how it is connected to Jeffrey Epstein, but I just want to marvel at how expensive it is.

There are no houses in my budget:


Screenshot of Redfin

But seriouslygood luck finding a house under half a million dollars.

Jesus, I can’t even afford the meteorite niche: In 2019, a meteorite hit a doghouse, which once belonged to a German Shepherd named Roky, and some space nerds thought it would sell for $300,000 at the “Deep Impact: Martian, Lunar and Other Rare Meteorites”. Instead, someone bought it for $44,000.

I can’t afford this parking space either, damn it:

Everyone is mad at Washington: Lawmakers in Alaska, Oregon and Idaho are pissed that the Washington state legislature is considering a 6-cent-per-gallon tax on fuel exported from the state because they don’t want to pay. Wah Wah, Joe Biden’s America. Wah wah.

Capitalism is so cool and it totally works: According to KUOW, more than 500 resident physicians at the University of Washington Medical Center were planning to leave work today. During their break. Which is a whole 15 minutes. What do they want? A week limit of 80 hours and more money.

It is very very cold: I’m the millionth person (and at least the third Slog in a row) to tell you that we’re going through a cold snap, but that could be a death sentence for many people living outdoors. According to Women In Black, 21 people died homeless in January. Here’s where you can find places to stay warm.

Some additional thoughts on the City Council’s moratorium vote: Yesterday, Council rejected Council Member Kshama Sawant’s resolution to extend the moratorium on evictions until the end of the civil emergency, meaning it ends at the end of this month. Councilor Lisa Herbold tried to find a compromise with an amendment that would end the moratorium at the end of April. Council members Herbold, Mosqueda and Strauss voted for the amendment, the others did not. Sawant said that late-April extension would be better than nothing, but ultimately voted against the watered-down compromise.

If Sawant votes in favor of this amendment, the vote would have been 4-4. In the event of a tie, the motion would be defeated. If Councilwoman Tammy Morales, who likely would have supported the amendment and the underlying legislation, hadn’t been absent AND Sawant had compromised to pass the amendment, then that 5-4 vote would mean we could suspend evictions for non-payment for a few more months.

I asked Morales’ office where she was and his office said the absence was excused, in advance, before any introduction or discussion of Sawant’s legislation.

Animal Liberation NOW: Not to be vegan on the Slog, but they want to grow octopuses.

Fans of print media: I would like to read something that is in my hands and not a phone. Give me something to read in the annual Washington State Zine contest. Submit before midnight February 25 and check out the South Seattle Emerald zines!

Seattle has some good food: 16 Seattle-area chefs and restaurants have been nominated for the James Beard Awards, which the Seattle Times said is the Oscar of food.

Uh, what?

Also, since this is my post and I’m doing what I want: Come work with me! We’re hiring a writer to cover the cops, the courts, you know, several industrial complexes. This is great news because every moment I spend thinking about the cops is a moment I miss bitching about the city council. Can I say “boring”, Chase?

Ed. To note: Hi, yes “bitch” is allowed as long as it is not used like they use it on 4chan. Foreigner staff members have frequently debated the use of the bitch, with editors who grew up during the second wave of feminism shrinking there and millennial and Gen Z staff shrugging their shoulders. Our stance was officially softened when the Stranger Election Control Board called Kshama Sawant “100% that bitch” in 2019, at the request of Foreigner writer Jas Keimig.

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