Suddenly need money for a doctor? Do not panic, there is a temporary solution

Unfortunately, it is undisputed that the Hungarian health system is not in good shape. As a result, nowadays, more expensive private clinics are more likely to opt for public institutions than those who can afford it. While in 2014 49% of patients, 60% last year chose private doctors if they have any illness and we have a hint that this proportion will not reverse in the near future.

However, it can be costly to have a costly medical intervention when it suddenly goes wrong. If all the rope breaks, provide a temporary help with a well-chosen personal loan. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend days browsing through the options. The Good Finance calculator will help you find the best loan for you right away, and here’s what to look out for when borrowing.

Consider carefully what our goal is

Consider carefully what our goal is

We can apply for a personal loan for many purposes, not just sudden medical expenses: TV, washing machine, technical and household equipment, unexpected expenses, weddings, medical expenses, business start-up, home renovation and modernization a few examples. Banks provide us with plenty of offers, so we can choose the construction that best fits our goals by paying attention to a few things.

  1. How much money do you need?
    The amount you can claim can range from $ 500 to $ 10.
  2. How long will you repay the loan?
    We can choose from a maturity of up to six months or up to 120 months depending on how much installment we can accept.
  3. It is worth looking at the cost of applying for a loan and the disbursement fee the bank charges. The loan fee is the cost of the interest payment on the installment, so be careful when borrowing, as there may be twice the difference between the different bank offers in terms of the loan fee.

For many people, convenient administration can be important, so it’s worthwhile to use the bank’s help, even without the app, without waiting. For whom speed is very important, you may find a financial institution that can evaluate your credit within half an hour and can pay off your loan in just one day.

It is also worth paying attention to promotions, as the bank may offer special discounts if you require affiliated products, such as opening a bank account at the bank where you applied for the loan.

The apartment certainly will not float away


Those who are afraid that they may lose their apartment if they take out a loan may be more comfortable with a personal loan, because our income is covered by the loan, so we do not have to cover real estate.

Fortunately, in most cases, we can freely use the amount claimed for anything, but the bank may specify the purpose of the loan, for example, for renovation loans, foreclosures, or when applying for a car loan. It is also worth remembering that a personal loan can help you pay off more expensive debt, such as a credit card, and save you tens of thousands.

Without it, don’t even start

Without it, don

Of course, the bank will check our creditworthiness before you sign up for a loan: on the one hand, you can look at our credit history and, on the other hand, have a reasonable income that must be at least the minimum wage.

Applying for a loan usually requires an employer income certificate and bank statement, but the bank may also require utility bills, although there are credit institutions, such as Goodbank personal loans, that do not require an employer certificate, just a bank statement. Depending on how much we are creditworthy, we can claim up to $ 10 million with adequate income.

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