Suspended jail sentence for woman who spat on Tesco employee


A WOMAN has been given a suspended prison sentence for “spitting on a saleswoman”.

Sarah Louise Cooper, 27, and of Howards Mead, Pennington, allegedly committed the assault while she was stealing from a store.

Cooper pleaded guilty to stealing a slice of meat and a drink worth £ 2 from One Stop in Pennington and assaulting a woman at the nearby Tesco Express on October 7.

The defendant admitted to damaging a window at an address in Howards Mead belonging to the New Forest District Council.

She committed these offenses while a community ordinance for the offenses of assault, theft and debauchery was in force.

At a West Hampshire Magistrates’ Court hearing on Thursday, October 28, the court sentenced Cooper to 14 weeks in prison, suspended for 12 months.

The magistracy pronounced a custodial sentence because “the offense of assault was an assault by spitting on a saleswoman in flagrante delicto of theft in a shop”.

“At any point in time, the offense is a serious matter, but in a time when Covid has affected the lives of so many people, the offense is aggravated,” the court documents said.

“The sentence is imposed both as a punishment and to send a message of general deterrent effect.”

Cooper is scheduled to undergo alcohol addiction treatment for nine months and complete up to 25 days of rehab activity.

She was banned from entering the Tesco underground in Lymington for 12 months and ordered to pay a total compensation of £ 252 to the victim of the assault, One Stop for the theft and the Council for criminal damages.

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