The scathing things Medway locals have said about their hometowns Chatham and Gillingham

There’s not a place in the world that doesn’t have justifiable criticism you could throw at it, from small details to glaring problems. However, if you were to base your view on our own Medway from the reviews posted on a notoriously harsh website, you’ll probably never go back in your life.

Satirical magazine site I live here is infamous for its punchless reviews, and really nowhere is safe. Earlier this year, the site published its list of the 50 worst places to live in the country, in which four Kent locations have been named and humbled.

As mentioned, Medway in particular is an area that has seen particular bashing, with one user describing the area as a “festering cesspool”. Now the area is definitely not perfect, few places in the world are, but maybe that’s a bit too harsh.

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Here are the most brutal reviews that users have left on Medway. Turn away now if easily offended…

Medway’s harshest reviews

This previously mentioned comment is from a review that focuses on Luton, Chatham. The reviewer went on to say that it was “dirty dirty and run down for 100 years”.

They then added: “This is without doubt the worst place in Kent bar none. It’s a festering sore on Medway and should have been bulldozed years ago, the worst slum in the south.

Chatham is not the only place in Medway to have been targeted. Gillingham has also been in the crosshairs on several occasions. One reviewer said: “Gillingham is a cesspool of a town, the crime rate is through the roof, it’s full of people on drugs and the kind of people who don’t believe in picking up after their dogs.”

Gillingham may not be the best place in Kent, but it’s not without charm

Already noticing a trend? They continued, “Everyone is very high, very rude and very authoritative. The only way to improve it would be to bulldoze everything and start over.”

It’s good to see that the improvement plans stay consistent across the entire website and tend to involve a lot of bulldozers. Although it may not be the most glamorous place in the world, Gillingham is certainly not without charm, with areas like The Strand, Riverside Country Park and High Street well worth a visit.

Back to Chatham now, and a reviewer says, ‘For reasons no one can imagine, the local council insists that the jewel in the crown of Medway is Chatham. Like many towns, Chatham’s High Street has become its putrid nadir. Most chain stores have disappeared. Waterstones stays for irony’s sake.

Chatham High Street.
While some might see Chatham as a booming area, these critics would certainly disagree.

“Check your brain at the Medway border though; buyers and sellers communicate via a series of grunts, so you’ll need to “learn” the dialect if you want to make a purchase. »

Absolutely brutal – like Gillingham, Chatham is not without charm. Dockside and the High Street offer a number of attractions worth seeing and the area as a whole is undergoing a total revival, which aims to totally rejuvenate the whole city.

Unfortunately, this information is unlikely to change the opinion of these reviewers. Residents of Medway will certainly have a thing or two to say about these harsh comments.

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