Two in custody after confrontation in Council Bluffs

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa (WOWT) — Federal law enforcement officials and police in Council Bluffs were working early Thursday to remove a few fugitives and a stolen gun from the streets.

Police had to shut down part of Avenue A for about an hour and a half Thursday morning to take the fugitives into custody. Federal law enforcement was monitoring a residence in that area, looking for a fugitive.

“The U.S. Marshalls fugitive force was behind the surveillance,” Council Bluffs Police Lt. Chad Geer told 6 News.

As federal officials watched the house, a second man known to police entered the house with a long gun.

“They are both criminals. They are both in possession of weapons. They have long criminal histories – they are dangerous people,” Geer said.

Keshawn Houtz-Mayfield, 20, was taken into custody on warrant. Court records show he entered a plea of ​​no contest in connection with a 2020 Omaha bank robbery. His sentence included four years of probation.

The identity of the second person has not been released at this time, but the investigation is continuing.

Ashlee Hyland lives across the street.

“Yeah Yeah. I have four children… There are guns everywhere,” she said of what she saw as she looked out the window Thursday morning.

“I woke up – there were cops there. They all stood like that the whole time, and two guys got out maybe a little younger than me; I’m 30, but they were probably in their twenties,” Hyland said. “That’s all I’ve seen so far. I saw the mother – there were two daughters – they let them walk down the street, and it was around 8:00, 7:30 in the morning.

Hollie Davis Bray walked around the stage this morning. She was worried about what was going on there because her son was just down the street at school.

“First they were just coming out with their guns drawn, behind trucks, and now they’re entering the building,” she said. “I’ve been going around in circles for about an hour because my son goes to school here.”

Council Bluffs Police said they had the situation under control. The people inside the house got out without incident – no one in the neighborhood was ever in danger.

“We evacuated a few houses along the road,” police said. “We blocked the road just for the safety of the people in the area.”

CBPD said most of the time here was spent waiting for a search warrant.

“And I think at this point, slow down, do our job properly, get the search warrants that we need to preserve the evidence.”

Law enforcement searched the home and found a stolen rifle and handgun

Police said multiple agencies working together ensured everyone’s safety and removed two guns from the hands of people who were prohibited from owning firearms.

“I think working with the other agency and using all the resources, from adult probation – a lot of the information came from adult probation – the US Marshals having the ability to watch the house to make sure our targets are inside the place. ”

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