Why AIDS persists in the Russian Federation ”


Joséphine Marrocco at the Carnegie Council

Joséphine Marrocco’s research examines the use of government propaganda in the context of the AIDS crisis in Russia.

On May 3, 2019, the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs held its fifth annual student conference at its headquarters in New York City.

This year, the Council received 36 nominations from 12 universities in the New York area and the United States. Out of the 36 applications, 11 projects, including a group project from The New School, were selected to be presented at the conference.

The winning presentation was made by Josephine Marrocco of Fordham University in New York. His presentation was entitled “Sex, Drugs and Propaganda: Why AIDS Persists in the Russian Federation”. He examined the use of government propaganda in the context of the AIDS crisis in Russia.

To learn more about Marrocco’s research, read his email interview with Devin Stewart, Carnegie Council Principal Investigator, who hosted the conference:


As a winner, Marrocco received a one-year membership in the Council’s Carnegie New Leaders program.

“The student conference was a truly unique and stimulating event; it was amazing to hear and discuss the extremely high levels of research from many disciplines and schools across the country, and to have the chance to network a bit with such smart and capable peers, ”said Marrocco. “I strongly encourage any student to apply!”

Other presentations addressed a variety of ethical issues, including climate change, state terrorism, American democracy, trade disputes, gender equality, poverty reduction, immigration, student activism and humanitarian policy. The panel of judges included academics from Hunter College and the Carnegie Council. The presentations were judged on their originality, persuasiveness, logical consistency and ethical relevance.

Carnegie Council would like to thank everyone who participated.


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