Wolverine of the Week Announced as Student Council Meets

During the UVU Student Association weekly meeting, discuss past and upcoming events. While there have been big events such as the UVUSA staff getting engaged and others having babies, the first to be highlighted is the Wolverine of the Week.

Jordyn Bristol, a Public Relations student is very involved on campus and very active for Utah County. She is considered by UVUSA to be “the most useful citizen”. She placed in the Miss Utah Top 5 with two preliminary wins in the dress and talent portions. A month after the Miss Utah Pageant, she competed in Miss Utah County and won the competition.

Its platform is primarily based on addressing food insecurity, with its most recent food drive having over 500 pounds of food donated by student UVU to Community Action Services and the Provo Food Bank. . Keaton Bennett, who introduced Bristol to the UVUSA board, said she personally volunteered nearly 60 hours at Utah food banks throughout her involvement with the Miss America organization.

While that’s a lot for one person to accomplish, she also completed an internship for graduation and this upcoming school year is involved with PRSSA.

Following the announcement, staff in attendance discussed topics such as Pizza and Politics, the Political Action Committee, the Elections Committee, the UVU Student App Update, and the Student Life App Project. Mental Health.

And UVU Ombuds Office Representative Talatou Maiga briefed the board on the resources available to students through the Ombuds.

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