X-Men Confirms Professor X Considers Himself a God

Sabretooth #3 proves how much Charles Xavier’s ego has grown, as he utters statements that will cause untold suffering.

Warning: contains an overview of Sabertooth #3!

The longtime leader of the x-menthe telepath Professor Xcontinues to prove he’s the most toxic leader in all of Marvel Comics in a preview of the upcoming Sabertooth #3. While it looked like Charles might actually decide to take responsibility and step down from the Silent Council after the disastrous events of Hellthe mutants weren’t so lucky, and Xavier continues to spread his toxicity throughout the island nation of Krakoa.

While casual fans might think Professor X has always been the leader of the X-Men, that’s not true, as he’s been replaced by the likes of Storm, Magneto, Kate Pryde, Wolverine, and Cyclops throughout. of the X-Men’s publication history. and most of them led the mutants better than Charles ever did. Time and time again, Xavier has shown that he cannot be trusted and that he will do anything to achieve his “dream”, even at the cost of his own values, such as the revelation of his first team hidden in Deadly Genesisthe secrets he kept with Moira X that led to Helland his extremely sketchy return form the dead taking over Fantomex’s body.


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As Kate Pryde once said: “Professor Xavier is a jerk!” but sadly, his flaws go far beyond just being a jerk and really cement him as the most toxic and selfish leader in X-Men history. A new insight for Sabertooth #3 – written by Victor Lavalle with art by Leonard Kirk and Rain Beredo – reveals how the young mutant Melter, formerly of the Young Masters, was thrown into the pit of Krakoa. While Xavier and Magneto promised Cypher and Krakoa that there would be no prisons on the island, they actually lied and had Krakoa create “The Pit”, a pocket of the island shaped stasis where mutants who break any of Krakoa’s three laws are placed indefinitely. That act alone is enough to cement Charles as a power-crazed tyrannical leader, but it’s the way he deals with young Christopher Colchiss that really shows just how ruthless Xavier truly is. By decree of Xavier, Christopher broke Krakoa’s second law, “Respect this sacred land‘, wielding his powers on the island, and Charles berates him with a biblical quote, implying that Xavier and the Council are God. Enjoy the preview from Marvel Comics below:

Melter is a complex character who has an ability that makes him inherently dangerous to all living beings. In a flashback in the Sabertooth #3 preview, Melter can be seen trying to train with his powers and inadvertently destroying a large chunk of Krakoan land, which then resulted in Krakoa draining the life force from a handful of mutants as was trying to heal. Using his telepathy to gauge Melter’s motives—something he has claimed in the past he would not do without permission—Professor X concludes that he was trying to spy on the Silent Council out of a personal desire for importance, scolding him, saying:But the fruit of this special knowledge is forbidden to you”, referring to Melter attempting to access the inner chambers of the Silent Council.

Using this particular biblical reference, Charles positions himself as a God-like figure, referencing the Garden of Eden, and follows that with a trip to the mutant equivalent of Hell once Melter repeats the attempt. Of course, Melter shouldn’t harm Krakoa in this way, especially after realizing it would endanger other mutants, but the fact that Xavier is so confident of presenting himself as a benevolent God-like figure is incredibly toxic and alarming. .

Professor X probably should have left the x-men‘s Quiet Council after Emma Frost so definitively proved she’s the rightful ruler of Krakoa, revealing how well Xavier has done Hellbut it still persists in the pages of Saber tooth as a megalomaniac whose judgment can be fatal to anyone who crosses him.

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Sabertooth #3 will be available from Marvel Comics on April 27.

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